26.02.2014 11:51

Leaving Gulmarg

Surprising change of events

Our departure day has come earlier than expected. Originally, our plan was to stay until March to fly till the end of the season. Unfortunately, there has been some rather unexpected and bad change of behaviour on the behalf of Billa Bakshi, the Kashmiri owner of the Kashmir Heliski company. Since he was not able or willing to pay the agreed salary to the pilots, Marcus decided not to travel again to Delhi for his FATA license renewal which he would need in order to continue flying and which he intended during his last weeks trip.

Marcus decision in not going resulted in a bad emotional outburst of Billa, combined with thread of police, killing and not being able to leave the country for three months, etc... No further constructive discussion was possible and we decided to depart as fast as we could. This unprofessional and insane business behaviour will not be accepted and will result in further consequences for sure!

We did not get the chance to say "goodbye" to all the new friends we met. Please understand the danger in our situation and we hope to be able to catch up with you again soon!

25.02.2014 15:44

Last day of flying

Departure countdown started

It's Marcus last flying day today as pilot for Kashmir Heliski and the last working day with the RedBull/NitroUSA Team. The program for today are some epic runs in the very steep alpine area of the so called "Cathedral" and the riders Elias Elhardt, Knut Eliassen and Marc Swoboda are rejoicing for joy and excitement. The footage was quickly selected and recorded, a great and successful day.

We use the opportunity to say thanks to Florian Wagner (Wagner Photography) and Wayne Yates (RedBull) as well as the rest of the RedBull/Nitro USA Team for the great collaboration. Best of luck with your project and film! 

24.02.2014 14:33

Finally on the slopes

Kathis first time heliski

It took only two months and now it's time for skiing in the Himalayan mountains. Actually, our reasons for not skiing over the past weeks were: not enough snow, bad weather, too much snow, avalanche danger etc ... it was always something and the entire poor infrastructure did not invite at all.

Anyways, today was the day (thanks to Andreas for pushing!) and Kathi did her first heliski runs. Great company with Max much appreciated!

23.02.2014 14:49

Nitro/Redbull filming day 1

First contact with the alpine pow

The day started early for the RedBull Team. The film crew and the riders were brought up to some of the alpine spots at 4200 mtrs for some practice runs and the first contact with the curry powder in higher altitude. All of them were amazed by the wide view into the top range and the light white powdery stuff which is exceptional here in the Himalayan mountains. The first photos were taken, the first scenes recorded and everyone was more than satisfied with the first working day!

23.02.2014 10:22

Great fun to fly with a good friend

Joint effort to bring the skiers to the top

It is a pleasure to have our good friend Andreas around who flies the second helicopter. The two pilots coordinate the lifts for the groups of heliskiing clients to be taken to different runs plus the Red Bull/NitroUSA rider and film crew with their special needs. This means that both helicopters are sometimes seen at the same drop-off spot at the same time! Obviously lots of fun for Marcus and Andreas as they need to find space for two helicopters to land on the tiny mountain tops.